Coollang Cloud Computing is a start-up company speicalizes in high tech smart devices catered for sports.


The launch product, Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0 is the entry level model is already ahead of its competition with its advance functionality superior built.

The flagship Koospur 3.0 badminton sensor with added functions such as video synchronisation and hardware upgrades took the device to a whole new level. 


Coollang has also invented a a smart device for Roller Blades and it has been used in a leading roller blading manufacturer as an OEM product.

Coollang Tennis Smart Sensor - Tennis POD and Coollang Baseball Smart Sensors have been launched in June 2016/ 2017 respectively


More Coollang smart devices are expected to be released in the coming months, so stay tuned!


Z-Wave Lifestyle Enterprise is proud to be officially appointed as the Exclusive Distributor for Coollang Xiaoyu in Asia Pacific.  We are looking for Asia Pacfic country distributors.


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