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We are the regional distributor for Coollang, a leading technology company specializes in sports motion capturing devices.



With the huge success with Coollang Xiaoyu 2.0 badminton Smart Sensor, receiving raving reviews across the world; we have recently launched the next generation products, the Koospur P.O.D 3.0



We strive to made sports technology available to people at an reasonable price.   Please click the following product pictures to learn more...

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Koospur Badminton

P.O.D 3.0

Coollang Badminton

Xiaoyu 2.0

Tennis P.O.D

Baseball P.O.D

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Z-Wave Lifestyle Enterprise is a Singapore based company.

Officially Asia Pacific Distributor of Coollang products.

Please contact us at sales@coollang-asia.com

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Shenzhen Coollang Cloud Computing Company.

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